Colors: A Novel

Colors: A Novel
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Autumn’s world is unraveling. After losing her parents in a violent car crash, her husband becomes unbearable, and her house in the country, the perfect Philadelphia getaway, only isolates her when her company downsizes and she’s laid off. Armed with ambition, she’s determined to resurrect her long-buried dream of making a living as an artist. But she needs help, and after an electrifying chance meeting with gorgeous grad student Jory, she hires him as her part-time chef. Her talent blossoms, but her soon-to-be-ex husband is bent on destruction. And as she struggles to find her place in the art world, her long-gone passion burns hot as she learns just how low her husband will go to achieve his ends and how high she can soar with hers. Contemporary fiction swirling with suspense, passion, and romance, Colors is, above all, the story of one woman’s struggle for self-identity and freedom on her own terms.