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Customer service is all about making your life, as a potential customer, as easy as possible. When you are a potential client, one of the main reasons to request a quote from an architecture firm is to know what the architecture firm prices are.

Another reason for requesting a quote is so that we can get the outline of the scope of work and answer two of the main questions that are always asked which is “How much does schematic design cost?” and “What is the price for architect?”. This ensures that there is an understanding between both parties on the requirements at hand and the estimated cost.

By getting a quote, you can get a better understanding of what is needed for the job. The following stage is to discuss your requirements to determine the starting point of the job and to determine the resources, materials, and personnel necessary to complete the job.

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Forward Thinking Architecture has helped me to renovate my kitchen into the kitchen of my dreams. They took my ideas and helped me design my new favourite room in my house.

Michael Jones
Kitchen renovation

I contacted the right architecture firm to help me extend a flat onto my house. It was done in a timely and professional manner. I am very happy with the outcome.

House Extension
Olivia Smith

The service I received was impeccable. I received my quote within 24 hours, and the staff member that helped me was extremely friendly and helpful.

Customer service
Kiara Johnson

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The Library Gym
The Library Gym
The Library Gym

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Quality Designs at an Affordable Price

We as a company aim to provide you with the best architecture firm costs and excellent service. Our staff are all highly educated, certified and skilled. Our projects are finished in a timely manner. We have a good working relationship with all our clients and do our best to adjust our design style to fit your needs.