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Forward Thinking Architecture | Who We Are

We, as building designers, are highly trained and licensed professionals who provide our clients with exceptional and beneficial services. Not only do we focus on the aesthetics of buildings, but we also ensure that the buildings conform to building codes and safety requirements.

At the Forward Thinking architecture firm we aim to provide the building industry with innovative architectural and structural solutions. In the process of design changes, our architects dedicate all the necessary time to you until we achieve the look and feel you desire. As well as assisting new builders with all the relevant and necessary building plans to be submitted to local authorities for approval, we also offer building plan consultation and assistance.

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Meet Our Team

Our designers and architects possess the necessary skills and certification to assist you with all your architectural needs. Our building designers and commercial architects work hand-in-hand to approach each of their projects creatively and innovatively. Along with designing buildings, we prepare the specifications for the buildings as well. Our team works closely with drafters, contractors, and building inspectors to ensure the structure meets all standards. As architects and designers, we are all trained and equipped to oversee the construction of a building from initial design to final nail hammering.

Affordable Solutions

Due to an increase in the population and the rising cost of living, Forward Thinking Architecture believes in providing our customers with affordable solutions that range from architects to building planners. The goal of affordable housing today is to create more than merely decent places to live. We hope to see more of this kind of innovation in the future as it incorporates features that reduce construction maintenance costs, connect residents to outside resources, and respect the human scale and connection to the street.

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Forward Thinking Architecture Certification

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