Schematic Design

A preparatory step in schematic design is having a site analysis. Our designers draw up site plans which illustrate the arrangements of structures that form part of the development project. Some of these structures can include buildings, parking areas and landscaping.

One of the drawings involved in schematic design includes building elevation. This is the orthographic projection, which is the representation of a 3-Dimensional building drawn as 2-Dimensional views, of the building which outlines the specific area of the building. This is a common convention for a graphical representation of the architectural site.

Siteground plans are drawn up showing the entire site the building is located on which includes things such as property lines, roads and landscapes.

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Forward Thinking Architecture will always try to find a common middle ground that will suit both us as architects and you as the client. This process ensures that both parties are pleased and can happily progress to the development of the building in question.

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Stress-Free Process

We try to make the process of designing and executing the building as stress-free as possible for you. Our expert teams will take charge and initiative.

You will not be disappointed when choosing us as your architects. We will do everything in our power to ensure you are happy and satisfied.

When choosing us to take on your project, you are hiring skilled, certified and licensed professionals. We are a trained team that will plan, oversee and design your envisioned building. In addition to looking at design and aesthetics, we also look at safety, cost and functionality.

Experts drawing up the building elevation do so to ensure your happiness with the end product.

Construction Project Management

Testimonials From Our Loyal Customers

I’ve worked with Forward Thinking Architecture twice now and am blown away by the excellent service I have received. I’m beyond happy with how the designs of my project have turned out. It’s as if the designer took the ideas right out of my mind and put them on paper!

Logan White
Design Solutions

Forward Thinking Architecture has helped me with the design process and planning of an added-on room to my house. They gave me suggestions and opinions on how to go about it. I cannot wait for the construction to start.

Elijah Clark
House Extension

Forward Thinking Architecture assisted me with the remodelling of my roof. Upon inspection, they were able to show me the negligence that had been identified. I am very happy with the service I received!

Anna Rodriguez
Roof Renovations

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Certification For Building Elevation

The team at our architecture firm are highly certified and skilled in the process of drawing up your building elevation plans

Each member at our firm has the necessary skills and qualifications to carry out their daily tasks and provide you with excellent service.

Our next step will be the design development phase once the schematic design is complete. We will proceed to discuss each of the elements of the building design in order to ensure that they are incorporated into the construction project. We are eagerly awaiting our journey with you to start!

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