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We're an Architecture Firm in Toronto

We’re an Architecture Firm in Toronto

As our architecture firm fees are extremely reasonable, our firm appeals to a wide variety of clients from different backgrounds. We will never dismiss anyone, as we believe everyone should have the chance to bring their ideas to life with our engineering consultants.

Forward Thinking Architecture Cares

As an architecture firm in Toronto, we try to stand out from the rest by using architectural engineering. We aim to work to create a healthy and well-designed urban environment in Toronto that considers the health and well-being of all humans. Forward Thinking Architecture cares.



In addition to Toronto, we have an architecture firm in Vancouver, Edmonton and Calgary. A thoughtful, considered design can express the values and brands at our architecture firm by elevating the built environment and igniting one’s imagination. By focusing on the well-being of our clients, we can improve your happiness, health and productivity with our designs.

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Commitment at Out Architecture firm in Toronto


Our architecture firm in Toronto believes in the tireless commitment to all our clients and their projects. A big part of the commitment we make to you is our devotion to our teamwork, and we also are constantly challenging ourselves to achieve the highest possible standards of excellence for each of our clients. One of our objectives is to enhance and support the health and wellbeing of our community.


Our architectural designers can assist you with the design of any of your architectural design needs.

Services We Offer

Analysis, existing development, evaluating site conditions and evaluation.

Our construction project management team provide solutions.

We transform the conceptual design into schematic designs.

We assist with the preparation of construction documents.

Affordable Architecture firm in Toronto

Affordable Architecture firm in Toronto

When looking at our architecture firm fees, our clients quickly realise we’re one of the few affordable architectural firms available in Toronto. We don’t believe our clients are justified based on their budget. We try, to the best of our capabilities, to assist every potential that walks through our doors with their given budget and scope. Our engineering consultants are there to assist you and advise you on the best steps to take to stay within your budget.

Qualified and Experienced

Designed For Quality, Engineered To Last

Qualified and Experienced

All of our projects are designed for quality, and with help from our construction project management team, our projects are engineered to last. As a leading architecture firm in Toronto, we make sure that every member of our team is highly educated, has the necessary qualifications for their job, is skilled in their work area, and has the experience necessary to complete your project, regardless of the project requirements, in a timely and efficient manner.

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Architectural Expertise

Full-Service Practice

We provide expertise in building design, interior design, master planning, workplace strategy, project management, stakeholder engagement and sustainable design. Our clients have been extremely satisfied with our architecture firm fees. From consulting our expert engineers to viewing the schematic design, our clients have loved every step of each process that they have taken with us. Our clients have always had positive things to say about our architecture firm, and we have not as of yet received any complaints!

Testimonials From Our Loyal Customers

My children used to share a room, and the constant fighting about space drove me mad! Forward Thinking Architecture has made my life so much easier with the room extension, leaving each child with more than enough room for themselves!

Jane Lewis
Room extension

I needed some extra space to work on my cars, and the engineering consultants helped and guided me throughout the process of this remodelling. They were extremely friendly and helpful and I would recommend them to everyone!

Brian Lee
Add-on Garage

For mine and my wife’s 20th anniversary, I decided to revamp our kitchen for her. The process was prompt and the end result was absolutely stunning. We both wish we had done this sooner!

Eugene Harris
Kitchen Renovation

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions About Forward Thinking Architecture

A few of the services we provide at our firm include consultation, schematic design, design development, contract negotiation and more.
Complete our contact form, with all the necessary details, on our contact page and one of our consulting engineers will contact you.
In order for us to keep the project on track, it is necessary for you to communicate your design preferences, functionality requirements, and budget. It’s also important that you express any concerns you have throughout the project, so they can be addressed promptly.
Contact Us Today For Your Free Quote

Contact Us Today For Your Free Quote

Do you want to work with us to make your dreams and visions a reality? Then head over to our contact page and fill out our contact form. Fill in all necessary requirements and someone from our team will get in touch with you within 24 hours to discuss your schematic design. Once we’ve been in contact, we start our design process. Once you have approved the schematic designs from our engineering designer, you will be in contact with our engineering consultant and construction project management. In no time at all, you’ll be watching the construction of your project take place and watch how it grows before your eyes.

Our Teams' Credentials

Qualified architects and engineers

Our Teams’ Credentials

We make sure that each and every member of our team in our leading architecture firm in Toronto has the necessary qualifications for their jobs. Along with this, we also ensure that our team members are skilled and have the experience needed, in their line of work, to ensure that you, as our client, have your project completed in a timely and efficient manner, regardless of the project scope or budget.

We Look Forward To hearing From You

Contact us to receive your free quote within 24 hours

We Look Forward To hearing From You

When working with our architecture firm in Toronto, we can guarantee you’ll have a professional team on your side, and we know what we’re doing! When hiring us, a place will be created that is suitable to your lifestyle. You are certain to get results better than you expected. We will work within your budget and assist you with finding reliable contractors. Not only can we help you make designs from scratch, but we can also assist and guide you for renovations and alterations.

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Your Future is in Our Hands

We look forward to working with you and making your dreams a reality. Fill out our contact form below with all the necessary details and one of our consulting experts will contact you within 24 hours. Alternatively, you can send us an email with any additional questions you might have, or even request your quote. When requesting your quote via email, please list what services you require and what you are planning to do.

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