Construction Project Management

We are Forward Thinking Architecture, and we always ensure that we have a prepared risk assessment readily available. We take health and safety very seriously so that there is a reduction in the risk of harm to the builders.

We ensure that risks are avoided during the building construction where possible and put measures in place to control risks that cannot be avoided. Our risk assessment focuses on identifying risks, Evaluating risks and their precautions, recording findings and reviewing the assessment.

Our projector manager also has the role of being the site supervisor. They work closely together with the architect and subcontractors. Their duties include ensuring permits and equipment of the project are being overseen.

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Construction project management

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We would love to help and assist you in your planning, designing, managing and building of the commercial construction property of your dreams! There’s no job we find too small to do or too big for us to take on. Contact us today to get in touch with one of our many qualified experts to get a free quote or for any questions you may have.

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Our construction project managers at Forward Thinking Architecture bring uniqueness to the projects they work on by building a point of contrast around what is brought to the environment. Our project managers also weigh their value in their team by time, cost and scope.

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We Are A Personal Brand

We are comfortable enough to own what we’re known for, which is our unique designs, outstanding service and excellent deliverance.

The construction project managers at Forward Thinking Architecture stand for doing the right thing with regards to requests to increase the scope of a project.

The Forward Thinking Architecture firm cares about each and every client that comes through our doors, and we will try, to the best of our ability, to assist everyone, regardless of their budget or their vision, by bringing their ideas to life.

Regardless of your budget, we’ll help bring your ideas to life. We aim to reach the building construction phase promptly.

Engineering consultants

Customer Testimonials

The engineering consultant that assisted me provided me with fantastic advice. He also supplied me with technical solutions to the problems I thought I would face on my renovation project.

Jerry Anderson
Renovation project

After encountering a problem within my project requirements for my new garage, the engineering consultant was able to advise me on ways to resolve it without extending my deadline or raising my initial budget.

Dylan Roberts

Everyone I worked with, from the design process to the finished product of my garden cottage, was extremely friendly and very professional. I am happy with the final product and would 100% recommend them to anyone!

Amber Hill
Garden cottage

Certified Perfection At Its Best

Building Construction Certification

Employees at our architecture firm all have the necessary skills, qualifications and experience needed to carry out their daily tasks and execute your project needs.

Our certified construction manager (CCM) will provide thoroughly thought through resolutions to your best interests and complete all projects successfully.

A few duties in construction project management include understanding your needs as a client, drawing up detailed plans for each stage of the project, communicating with staff and ensuring that your project happens on time and within the budget. Our construction project managers will be there to assist you every step of the way.

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