Curious Cats and Kittens: Coloring for Everyone

Curious Cats and Kittens: Coloring for Everyone
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Cats have been the recipients of praise and adoration since civilization’s earliest memories. From the Egyptian cat goddess Bastet to the cherished kitties of classic nursery rhymes, to the infamous Internet sensation Grumpy Cat—people can’t get enough of the furry felines! Now you, too, can express your love of ancient civilization’s and modern society’s favorite creature by coloring!

Nine lives’ worth of creativity awaits you in Curious Cats and Kittens: Coloring for Everyone! This coloring book offers forty-five black-and-white cat designs for you to color, as well as forty-five coordinating pre-colored versions to guide your palette—or just grab your own furry friend as a model! Designs vary from simple and playful to complex and demure—just like the diverse creatures that inspired them. The pages are perforated, so each masterpiece can be removed and placed on display for all the world to adore!

In this book, you’ll find:

An introduction describing the history and highlights of cats in society and art
Forty-five original black-and-white designs for your coloring pleasure on single-sided perforated pages
Forty-five full-color versions of the designs to inspire and guide you while coloring
Whether you’re an artist looking to improve your craft or simply a cat fanatic looking for a way to express your feline admiration through coloring, this book is a must-have guaranteed to bring hours of creative fun. Gather your colored pencils—or whatever medium you prefur—pour yourself a cup of tea, and go wild with this cat-tastic coloring book! Before you’re done, you’ll be kitten smitten.