What Planning Permission Is Needed For A Commercial Build?

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BY Hemron ON 29 Oct 2021

What Planning Permission Is Needed For A Commercial Build?

In order to obtain planning permission for a commercial building, you need to have a lot of knowledge about the laws and policies that are applicable. There is a vast difference in the requirements needed for industrial buildings compared to commercial buildings. The permission for a commercial building will be necessary if you are changing the use of your building, or renovating your commercial building.

The good thing about Forward Thinking Architecture is that we can inform you if planning permission is necessary or not for your building work and assist you with the process of being granted the required permission.

I Don’t Think I Need Commercial Planning Permission

We wouldn’t recommend proceeding with building work if you are unsure whether or not you require planning permission. If your building work happens to need planning permission and you start your work without it, you can be served with an enforcement notice.
It is a matter of urgency if you are served with an enforcement notice because if you decide to ignore it, you will be prosecuted as it is illegal. You do at least have the power to appeal to have your enforcement notice appealed.

Planning Permission Has Been Approved

Once your planning permission has been approved, there are a few advisable steps to take once you’ve achieved your planning consent for your project, they include:

    Note your expiry date

    Wait approximately 6 weeks after receiving permission to implement changes.

    Planning permissions often come with conditions. Ensure you read through and understand them.

Can Forward Thinking Architecture Assist With Planning Permission?

Waiting for permission for commercial planning permission to be granted can be quite frustrating, but the long process requires expertise and patience. Understanding commercial planning permissions and their requirements can ensure your plans adhere to all requirements.

The best plan, in this case, is to consult a specialist at Forward Thinking Architecture to avoid potentially wasting your time and money by doing it yourself. We will always keep your best interest at heart and we’ll ensure your commercial venture is on the best path to success.