My Numbers, Colours and Shapes Toddler Colouring Book with The Learning Bugs: Fun Children's Activity Colouring Books for Toddlers

My Numbers, Colours and Shapes Toddler Colouring Book with The Learning Bugs: Fun Children's Activity Colouring Books for Toddlers
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Welcome to the magical world of The Learning Bugs where kids colour and have fun while learning about numbers, colours and shapes at the same time. If you only buy one colouring book for toddlers and kids, make sure it's this one because the beautifully illustrated pages are specially designed with the help of teachers to accelerate your child's learning and educational skills as well as entertain and amuse them for hours. You won’t find another toddler colouring book like this one!

Imagine your joy and satisfaction when you see your child happily engaged for hours in their own creative world. Or the unforgettable memories you can create & enjoy together as you read them the fun & educational facts about numbers, colours and shapes.

Don't miss out, join the hundreds of happy parents whose children are already enjoying and benefitting from this unique colouring book like Alana McQuillan who says: "I bought these for my 3 toddlers to help them learn numbers shapes and colours, they are absolutely fabulous. My 2 year old now counts to ten, my 3 year old can write her numbers and know what they are, these books are designed extremely well and have helped my children with learning and writing numbers."

I’m Mark and together with my partner Jane we came up with the concept of The Learning Bugs, the lovable and fun characters who appear throughout the book. We couldn’t find a colouring book for young children like this one, so we created our own ideal numbers, colours and shapes colouring book with the help of over 500 fellow parents.

Giggles the ladybird, Squiggles the caterpillar and Zapp the bee are funny & entertaining. They engage your child by asking questions, giving interesting facts and teaching them all about numbers, colours and shapes. This helps to build successful life skills and the good habit of being inquisitive and enjoying learning.

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Why Buy This Book?

  • Hours of happy entertainment while giving them advantages to achieve in life.
  • Hand-drawn unique illustrations that are beautiful but simple, cute and fun.
  • Massive value! - this BIG colouring book has lots more pages than most others.
  • Teaches your kids that learning is enjoyable and not a chore.
  • This numbers, colours & shapes colouring book prepares toddlers for school.
  • Illustrations are on one side only so you can tear them out to frame and keep.
  • No issues with markers bleeding through the page and ruining an image underneath.
  • Thick black lines for toddlers to keep their crayons or pencils within the lines.
  • Each page is a large 8.5 by 11 inches and printed on bright white paper.
  • A book for toddlers but with more advanced elements so the book can be treasured for years.

We have gone ‘above and beyond’ to create something special which we are very proud of. This lovingly created children's colouring/coloring book also makes a thoughtful birthday or Christmas gift/present for friends or family.

This early learning kids activity book is mainly aimed at boys and girls ages 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5 years old (especially toddlers, preschool, nursery, pre-k and kindergarten kids) but it is suitable for kids age one, two, three, four & five up to age six who love to colour/color in while learning their numbers, counting, colours and shapes.

Thank you for buying this book - Mark, Jane and Giggles, Squiggles and Zapp (The Learning Bugs)!