Colored Water

Colored Water
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Solon Phillips, JD/MBA, has a unique, yet powerful and convincing writing style. He uses his research and legal writing skills learned as a member of Law Review to write a riveting book that captures all aspects of marriage and divorce. In this book, Solon makes compelling arguments in a subtle yet convincing way, to spouses, state legislators, pastors, and therapists. It will be interesting to see how the world receives the truths and arguments presented in this powerful book. As a therapist, it is essential that all mental health professionals read Colored Water. Not only will it enrich your personal life, but it will elevate you to a better mental health professional-Terrance Woodbury, MSW This book is a ministry! Not only to the married and unmarried, but to pastors and elders as well. A must read, especially for all church leaders-Pastor Melvyn Hayden III This book will make you laugh, cry, think, and at times cry out the name of Jesus! The truths written in this book is nothing short of astonishing. Colored Water is what the world needs today-Anita Hill, Journalist Traditional values and morals continue to erode. Divorce, adultery, children out of wedlock have all become “normal” and “acceptable”. But God did not design it to be this way. Solon Phillips takes a hard look at these issues in this book. Hopefully readers will be guided in the right direction after reading Colored Water. -Daryl F. Mallett, Founder of Malachi 2:16 Marriage Ministries.