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Brand: Partridge Publishing India
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“Colors Of Life” is a love story woven around a middle class boy and girl. It captures the complex world of human emotions when technology interface was just knocking. It was a world with no Facebook, No Androids, No Multiplexes but pure, pristine and passionate surroundings. Boys and Girls talked more face to face. Love was accountable and responsible. It was like swans flying togather, romancing togather. The story captures the delicate human relationships and the continuous struggle for accepting love as an essential ingredient in life. In todays world of deceit and counterfeit relationships the story brings a breath of fresh air and exemplifies how simple virtue of trust and companionship helps shape the colors of world. There are several characters in the story who play their part in the overall canvas and ensure that love birds get to their destination. The story aptly captures the complex human relationships which shape an individuals life and responses. Love and passion are the universal eraser of our fears and tribulations. They transcend time, geogrpahies, age and have been with us ever since the dawn of civilization. If there were no love and passion, this world will be devoid of color and memories."