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Unique insights about life gained through tragedy, loss, and new love influence the enriched views and distinctive perspectives that emerge in this collection of poems by Vijay Chopra. Through these introspections written during the poet’s years of sorrows and pleasures, the reader is taken on a thinking man’s sensitive journey. The collection is dotted with playfulness and humor while sharing emotions devastated by lost love or drenched in new romance and at times tingled with social bias and absurdities with the inevitability of life itself. In this first-time collection, the poetry is often tender; sometimes intense and painful. In one poem the reader may be overtaken with a simple smile of satisfaction, and on the very next page forced to confront a new intellectual or emotional self-awareness. Often, a poem in its style and word choice will reach the marrow of our being and awaken a new and unexpected feeling. The poet’s use of colorful and solid imagery help to enrich and challenge perceptions and sensitivities. What makes this collection so pleasing is the special vision and feelings Chopra lends to the universal emotions we all have.