Coloring Outside the Lines

Coloring Outside the Lines
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Travis talks about his experiences in preschool and kindergarten. Life was hard for Travis who started kindergarten a year later than the rest of the kids his age. Fine motor skills did not come easy for Travis as he had many developmental delays. Travis was mainstreamed as a kindergartner and all the way through high school. Travis talks about making friends and socializing with other students. Travis had a good friend named Eric who helped him out socially. Travis was not the popular kid and Eric was pretty popular so Eric helped Travis meet and make friends. Travis also shares about his experience with coloring. He had a very difficult time staying in the lines when he colored pictures. In kindergarten you end up coloring a lot of different pictures and that was Travis’ least favorite part of Kindergarten. It was not because he did not like coloring, it was because he was not good at coloring. Travis shares how he went to another kid’s birthday party with Eric. There were three or four boys at the birthday party and Travis felt left out because the other kids would all run off together and socialize but he did not understand how to do that. It wasn’t that he didn’t want to socialize it was just that he didn’t understand how to. This is a great book talking about the experience of a preschooler and kindergartner with autism. Travis didn’t know he had autism and he wouldn’t know until he was graduated from high school at the age of 22 years old. This is an excellent resource for parents of children with autism who want to know what preschool and kindergarten might be like for their child.