Do I Fit the Color of the Rainbow

Do I Fit the Color of the Rainbow
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In the book, “Do I Fit the Color of the Rainbow?” the reader will find a great book that reflects the existence of every day human life, often referred to as the Color of the Rainbow of thought. This concept evolves from a professional African-American male’s perspective, which is quite engaging and incredibly honest about life’s challenges and blessings. The book shows a unique insight on topics from the cultural trends of African-Americans to what’s going on with relationships considerably marriage/divorce from an urban stand point. Dr. Bell intimately allows the reader to be ringside while experiencing a family in the Internal Mist of situations and dares to ask, what would you do? Incredibly, the reader gets a great sneak peak inside the men’s locker room to hear what frustrates men with relationships according to a 3-year study performed by Dr. Bell. Don’t miss this great book of American urban fiction with a twist of reality truth as only the mind of author Dr. John E. Bell can present it.