Cartoon Animal Friends

Cartoon Animal Friends
Categories: Art Supplies, Pencil
Brand: North Light Books
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From the illustrator of the Denver the Guilty Dog series (based on YouTube’s real-life Denver the Guilty Dog), comes this fun and easy how-to guide for drawing realistic-looking cartoons and caricatures of your favorite animals-even your own pets! Simple step-by-step instructions show you how to draw dogs, cats, horses and exotic animals-and then which features to exaggerate for whimsical caricatures. Using simple materials such as pens, pencils and paint, you’ll learn to enhance your art with targeted lessons in animal anatomy-did you know horses can only bend their knees forward and basic breed characteristics. With additional tips from the illustrated Denver himself, you’ll soon be creating cartoon animal friends with everything from furry paws and scaly tails to wrinkles, fins and feathers. Inside:15+ step-by-step demonstrations for drawing cartoons of the most popular animals. Learn to draw from reference photos-or even your pets themselves! Chapters devoted to dogs, cats, horses and exotic pets-from hedgehogs and hens to lizards and fish.50+ drawing lessons on breeds and types; animal anatomy; common colors for fur, feathers and scales; funny personality traits, dynamic poses and more. Basic techniques for traditional tools-pencil, paint, ink and charcoal-plus advice for digital painting and drawing programs. How to use simple shapes, line sketches and straightforward color-building methods to easily create animals’ heads, bodies, features and unique color markings. Learn which features to enlarge-droopy ears, fluffy tails, big eyes or nosey noses-and which expressions to amplify for fun and funny animal cartoons and caricatures.