Black & White in a Multi-Colored America

Black & White in a Multi-Colored America
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The subject of race (particularly as relates to interracial dating and marriage) has long been considered strongly controversial. I maintain that any lack of acceptance on the part of the races (where it still exists) is largely the result of a lack of familiarity-one to another. Knowledge, insight, and the dispelling of stereotypical rumor are each important elements necessary to bridge the racial gap that yet remains. The purpose of this book is to provide the material necessary to gain a greater understanding of just how truly connected we are as a people. While we will each possess our own individual dreams, hopes, fears, and insecurities, it is hopeful that (above all) we will recognize the presence and plan of God within each of our lives. The following material has been written in such a format that one can simply begin by opening the book on any given page (even starting in the middle if so desired). In your reading, it is my hope that you will glean valuable information along the way. The composition of material is likened to that of a family scrapbook or album; whose contents are assorted snippets, sentimental tokens, and snapshots of life. You might also compare it to a recipe; where a “dash of this, and a sprig of that” enter into the mix. Subjects range from healthcare to cuisine and even manage to include encapsulated, brief short story. The material is intended to educate, inform, and enlighten. Moreover, may it serve as a reminder of the obligation we all bear to show respect for all races and nationalities-looking beyond title, race, or ethnicity. In essence, seeking to know the true person, the heart, the genuine soul-the individual.