Africa, the Origin of Life and Black the Color of God

Africa, the Origin of Life and Black the Color of God
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THE BOOK: Africa: The Origin of Life is a 10-year painstaking research on the Bible’s story of mankind’s cosmogony of which 7 out of the 10 years spent on the research were on full time basis. The Bible says that God created one man in the beginning and went ahead to describe the location of the habitation of the first man. Two important issues in the Bible’s story were of great interest to the Author for which he set out to research. These were: ? If the Bible story were taken to be true, it then means that the multi-races and colors in humanity today only came to be years after the creation of the first man, which means that originally, humanity only had one race and color from that man to a certain point in its history. That being so, what was the original color of that man? In other words, was he a Caucasian, a Mongolian, a Negro or an Amerindian and when did the multi-races and colors of people that we have today come to be The earth has gone through so many changes through earthquakes, landslides, tumults, ocean drifts and desert encroachments, and etc, over the years since the creation of the first man. Taking all these into consideration, is it still possible to establish the location of Eden where our first parents lived? In other words, was Eden in America, Europe, Asia, or Africa? And if we are able to establish the continent which Eden was located, is it not correct to say that the first man was a native of that continent Africa is poor and backward today, what are the causes of Africa’s backwardness? Is there any hope for Africa, or has God forsaken Africa? These and more are the salient questions that this book has biblically, scientifically and historically found answers to. The book is highly explosive and revealing. It would cause so much ripples and likely going to change some of your Biblical beliefs.