Addition & Subtraction with LEGO and Brainers Grades 1-2A Ages 6-8 Color Edition: Color Edition

Addition & Subtraction with LEGO and Brainers Grades 1-2A Ages 6-8 Color Edition: Color Edition
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Addition and Subtraction with LEGO and BRAINERS

makes the foundations for students’ success in MATH and Algebra:

  • Common Core State Standards
  • preparation for standardized tests such as SCAT®, CogAT®, MAP®, etc.
  • covers each grade level in great depth to develop reasoning, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills
  • procedural fluency
  • modeling and building with Lego bricks
  • number sense strategies
  • step-by-step strategies
  • information coding (color-, border-, line coding)
  • visualization and play
  • creating a foundation in how numbers work
  • alive, engaging, and fun explanations with Brainers
  • good training for teachers in how to explain math concepts
  • favorite children's font
  • answers with step-by-step solutions.

Number Sense Strategy problems implemented within Common Core Math Standards are aimed for students to develop and apply logic and mathematical reasoning skills. The math problems evolve in fun and engaging ways to reinforce visual understanding and make foundations for algebraic thinking and computer programming operations’ skills.

The students don’t even notice how the problems are becoming more difficult or challenging as the easy way of explanations and fun, and engaging activities keep them captivated and occupied, providing extra depth and enrichment in math conceptual understanding.

Visualization and play with LEGO bricks are the most effective instruments to develop conceptual understanding and cognitive domain reasoning for second-graders.

Numerous Number Sense strategies help students become comfortable and confident with math concepts. Addition and subtraction problems are challenging, but they evolve gradually with Brainers’ explanations, and thus, help students build and expand their critical thinking and analytical skills, and reasoning.

Using and creating Number Sense Strategies also help students and teachers forget about “disgusting” and “scary” drill sheets. The engaging activities to fill in, write and make columns teach how to grasp math concepts in an easy and fun way, making the foundations for the most important aim in elementary education – understanding and using strategies to visualize how the numbers work.

Number Sense strategies strengthen understanding of addition and subtraction properties and represent different algorithms to grasp the meaning of place value. Colorful, fun, and engaging visual problems make deep connections between symbolic and visual representations of numbers to help students get the concept of counting and reasoning.

Brainers give easy-to-follow explanations and examples. So, you do not need lengthy teaching manuals. Brainers also give excellent teaching tips and insights for teachers.

Addition and Subtraction with LEGO and Brainers Grades 1-2 is excellent training for teachers on how to explain math concepts, attract students to math beauty, and create life-long learners.

The workbook has answers with step-by-step solutions. You don’t need to find complicated Answer Keys. We are all teachers and parents with precious little time. So, we made it easier for you to have a whole page of the math workbook with ready solutions and answers.