Achievements of Color

Achievements of Color
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It’s their senior year and the first day back to school. No more summer sleep-ins, summer jobs, or summer camps. Chandi Paige, her cousin Allison Maples. Best friend and the boy next door Tracy Morgan, and high school sweetheart lovers Eddie Paschal and Michelle Phelps are ready. At least they would like to think they are. Nothing could prepare the five of them for what the first day back would lead to. Their goal was to exceed higher than before, prepare their lives for college, stay focused, and out of love. But their lives are interrupted with the likeness of Rasheed Zuria, the exchange student from Nigeria. Coty Mitchell, the daughter of Lieutenant Henry Mitchell and Eastern’s potential draft pick Tim Jessup. Their senior year will bring distractions that without a doubt is guaranteed to place a cloud of distrust on their friendships, leaving the certainty if it can hold up through death, love, and STD, without interrupting their college dreams? Can the five remain focused on their studies as the circle grows with untamed love, teenage complications and disappointments? Only the last day of school will speak loud and clear as they take their final walk together at graduation.