51 Colors of Seduction

51 Colors of Seduction
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This guide takes you on the adventure of enhancing your sex life, and of blowing each other’s minds in bed. Told in a series of erotic stories that tantalize the senses; you will be able to visualize how to live out your deepest fantasies, while respecting each other’s comfort zones. This book is not for everyone. If you are not into sexual adventures, sexual fantasies and satisfying your lover, then this book is probably not for you. But, if you are ready for a journey that pushes both of your boundaries to the point of no return and to give each other the best sex each of you have ever experienced; then read on, and dare to be a little naughty. or a ’lotta’ naughty, the choice is yours! Here you will learn how being monogamous can be an exciting experience filled with wild adventures that you can take together as a couple. Remember that it is all about communication. Everyone comes with a past, and that past most likely includes a past relationship, or relationships. Each person that we have been with touches our lives and forever shapes us. Some experiences make us better people, while others might leave us jaded, scarred, or carrying around some insecurities. The way in which you perceived your past relationships usually has some type of effect on your current relationship. ‘Are you still friends with your ex? Is your current lady ok with that friendship? How do you feel about her ex?’ This all plays a part in your sexuality and your boundaries as a couple. So let’s discuss boundaries and what they mean. Everybody has sexual values that are as unique as their thumbprint, and with those values, come boundaries. While we are all familiar with boundaries as they apply to business and social situations, sometimes sexual boundaries can get confusing. For example: Do you consider kissing, cheating? What about massaging? Is she comfortable if a friend, (who happens to be a woman) massages your back? Miscommunication, and something as simple, and maybe even as in