Zen Coloring - Animals

Zen Coloring - Animals
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Stress relieving, relaxing, and above all FUN! Relax into the creative world of coloring with Zen Coloring books. Each book in the collection contains a beautiful and diverse range of illustrations for you to color in as you wish. From simple to complex, the drawings span the scope of intricacy and style. You''ll soon understand the calming, Zen-like benefits of focusing on the simple yet satisfying activity of coloring in these patterns and designs.

Unplug and pick up a pencil instead. Let the artist in you shine. Unleash your creative energy. Discover a talent you didn''t know you had. Or simply unplug and disconnect from your day by relaxing with Zen Coloring: Animals. You''ll soon find that coloring can be a way to clear your mind and lighten your mood.

Over 40 patterns to color in. Zen Coloring: Animals contains over 40 illustrations you can color in featuring fantastic, intricate animals in your chosen color scheme.

In addition to Zen Coloring: Animals, the series includes coloring books on Nature, Flowers, Ocean, and Mandalas.