Writer's Journal & Coloring Book

Writer's Journal & Coloring Book
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Journal the Journey: Writer's Journal & Coloring Book is a series of books to record important information you learn through your journey of life. This journal is a perfect writer's notebook to record notes from conference workshops or online classes.

One place to keep your notes will help maintain the organization of your writing world.

  • Throughout this book you'll find:
  • Lined writing pages to record your daily thoughts
  • Journal pages for workshop or conference notes
  • Space to draw or doodle or brainstorm your next article or book
  • Inspirational quotes to encourage the writer in you.
  • Conference and writing group information
  • Space to record contact information of writing friends
  • Designs to color for relaxation and fun

Let this journal be a tool to help you organize your notes when you attend a conference or take an online class. The most important thing for a writer to do is write. Let this be that place to empty your thoughts onto the page so they can take flight in the next blog post, article, poem, book or song.