Vignettes of Vietnam & Other Colorful Short Stories

Vignettes of Vietnam & Other Colorful Short Stories
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Vignettes of Vietnam & Other Colorful Stories is a nostalgic collage of short stories, fermented and lingering, some for years, waiting on a venue to finally emerge. Hopefully, that time is now! Vignettes of Vietnam chronicles a young soldier’s experiences during his year’s tour of duty in the war-torn country and the discovery, while on an ambush patrol, of horrific photographs of GI comrades, captured, tortured and mutilated; the discovery of his Homie, butchered during an overnight LPR (Long Range Patrol), and his own subsequent escape, using arboreal survival strategies. The Excremenator provides insight into the violent life of young Anthony Morris. Born in the ‘hood’ (Chicago), he is a victim of the vicious street gang culture that results in the senseless death of his beautiful and beloved, Janet. Tired of the meaningless violence, he welcomes military conscription as a viable means of escape and redemption. But sent to ‘Nam, he’s forced to confront the reality of the correlation-urban (street gang affiliation), versus Jungle (military warfare), which proves instrumental in the determination of his outlook on life, as well as and his nasty name! The Night the Cow Got in Zion Franklin, Unforgettable Fang Grey, Snake Dancing, “A Tree. So Far! are comical (hopefully, colorful) highlights of an era long past.