Verbatim CD/DVD Slim Jewel Storage Cases, Assorted Colors - 50 Pack

Verbatim CD/DVD Slim Jewel Storage Cases, Assorted Colors - 50 Pack
Categories: Art Supplies, Color
Brand: Verbatim
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Verbatim CD/DVD Color Slim Jewel Cases - 50pkAssorted(Blue, Green, Orange, Purple, Pink)Verbatim’s color Slim Cases prevent your CDs and DVDs from being scratched or broken during transport. Verbatim’s Slim Cases come in an assortment of colors - blue, green, orange, purple, and pink - so users can color-code your data, music, movies and more.Organize your optical contentSlim jewel cases are about half the thickness of standard jewel cases. This comes in handy when you have limited space and/or need to archive an extensive library of music, movies, or files. Cases come in various colors, which allow you to color-code your content, and clear front lids allow quick recognition of the artwork and discs.Superior storagePaper sleeves can expose discs to air and humidity, while plastic cases are more durable. Plus, the trays’ interlocking teeth secure discs in place, so when you transport your discs, you don’t have to worry about them sliding out of the package.PersonalizationWith half the depth but the same height and width as standard jewel cases, slim cases let you create a customized sheet of album art. Just slide the artwork into the half-moon tabs on the front lid, which will hold the sheet in place.FeaturesThinner and lighter than standard jewel casesFive colors - blue, green, orange, purple and pinkEconomical to use, great for travel