The Science Of Orphan Black: The Official Companion

The Science Of Orphan Black: The Official Companion
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An official guide to the crazy science of Orphan Black

Delve deeper into the scientific terms and theories at the core of the Peabody-winning, cult favorite show. With exclusive insights from the show''s cocreator, Graeme Manson, and science consultant Cosima Herter, The Science of Orphan Black takes you behind the closed doors of the Dyad Institute and inside Neolution. Authors Casey Griffin and Nina Nesseth decode the mysteries of Orphan Black - from the history of cloning, epigenetics, synthetic biology, chimerism, the real diseases on which the clone disease is based, and the transhumanist philosophies of Neolution to what exactly happens when a projectile pencil is shot through a person''s eye and into their brain.