The Lumina Chronicles: A Fantasy Coloring Experience

The Lumina Chronicles: A Fantasy Coloring Experience
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Discover a wondrous world of kaleidoscopic color inhabited by luminous, shape-shifting beings. The Lumina Chronicles is a Coloring Book wrapped in a story - the lost research of an eccentric Victorian scientist who discovers a way to peer into the Aetheric Realm. Is this extraordinary manuscript a factual account, the ravings of a madman, or a hoax...?

The Lumina - mysterious spirits of infinite color and creativity - offer the pure colorplay of abstract patterns and mandalas combined with unique fantasy characters.

Includes 30 Art Pages, plus story pages with additional illustrations and optional Color Formulas and Special Effects tips. Medium-weight paper suitable for colored pencils and gel pens and crayons. Markers that bleed through are not recommended if you want to avoid marring the story pages (which are on the backside of the Art Pages).

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