The Healing Coloring Book of Lady Lotus Blossom

The Healing Coloring Book of Lady Lotus Blossom
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Brand: Balboa Press
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The Healing Coloring Book of Lady Lotus Blossom is a volume of profound personal moments captured by the author in a collection of intricate, handcrafted imagery and expository prose. Lady Lotus Blossom has been through some things in her life. Join her on her journey into reconciliation with the past that blemished her beauty as she begins to explore the blessing in it all and as she finds joy in the wake of overcoming deadening pain. Find yourself captivated and transformed in tandem with Lady Lotus Blossom as she introduces her friends and loved ones on the way-characters like Madam Butterfly, Cha-Chew, and Silly Zim, all with whom she shares meaningful life experiences. The complementary designs for each story will draw you in and plant you in the place of peace that wellness requires as you add the colors of your choosing to Lady Lotus Blossom’s black and white world. It was created that way on purpose! Laced with transparency and truth, this creation is a labor of love. It is a therapeutic tool that will be a great complement to any self-help regiment. It is coloring book therapy that engages the inner child and manifests relatable, healing moments that will effect transformation into mind, body, and spiritual wellness, starting with the mind. It is cathartic, hands-on fun, presented in the format of one of life’s greatest childhood indulgences, the coloring book. Lady Lotus Blossom’s poetic verses and imagery-filled designs are guaranteed to give rise to joyful, healing surprise.