Simon & Schuster Super Crostics Book #6

Simon & Schuster Super Crostics Book #6
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Crostic Connoisseurs, It’’s Time to Meet Your Match!
Simon & Schuster presents a stunning new collection of 185 classic crostic puzzles from the legendary Thomas Middleton series! Selected from out-of-print books, these delightful brainteasers will challenge even the savviest crostic aficionados.
Crostics are a lot like crosswords, but even more fun. The clues are somewhat trickier. And then there’’s the treat at the end of each puzzle: when you’’ve completely filled in the grid, a passage from a well-known author is revealed.
So sharpen your pencil, put on your thinking cap, and get ready for hours of exciting puzzling. Simon & Schuster’’s Super Crostics Series #6 is guaranteed to break your brain and leave you smarting for more.