Rainbowku: Fun And Colorful Sudoku For Kids

Rainbowku: Fun And Colorful Sudoku For Kids
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Rainbowku-colorful, fun, and challenging sudoku for kids!

Are you ready for some screen-free fun that also sharpens your mind? Sudoku is an easy-to-learn but hard-to-master logic puzzle game-Rainbowkuputs a whole new twist on the classic brain teaser, turning the average grid into vibrant, visually-stimulating sudoku for kids.

Rainbowkuincludes 75 puzzles that increase in difficulty, so you can problem solve at your own pace. Whether you''re between school, sports, or relaxing at home, puzzle your way through hours of colorful brain-bending sudoku for kids-all you need are a few markers!

This book of sudoku for kids includes:

  • On the grid-Get started using step-by-step instructions and tips on the materials needed for plenty of puzzle fun.
  • Easy as 1-2-3-4-Ease into sudoku with 25 beginner puzzles on colorful 4 x 4 grids using 4 basic colors.
  • Happy medium-Move up to 25 multi-colored medium puzzles on 6 x 6 grids with 6 colors-including 10 with colors-only!
  • Play hard-Master your puzzle powers with 25 expert puzzles on classic 9 x 9 grids using 9 beautiful colors.

Color inside the lines-think outside the box with technicolor sudoku for kids.