Portrait Art

Portrait Art
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Incorporating snippets of Kathy Shell’s story with the finer points of art. Third in the Kathy Shell Studio series. An award winning artist, art tutor and art gallery manager shares her experience. Peppered throughout this book are the drawing scales artists might practice to gain dexterity with a pencil. These exercises aid in the transition from a pencil to a brush by helping you to develop greater control of arm and hand movements and to understand the varied ways that you can manoeuver a brush. This is not a complete lesson in painting portraits. For that Kathy Shell recommends studying tonal painting shown in the previous two books in this studio series. In this book practical art skills are explained in an informal way. Each Kathy Shell Studio eBook builds on knowledge shared in previous books with minimal duplication. Together these books form a growing and informally presented art tuition and memoir of an artist sharing the tips that enabled her to have a highly successful career. Tips from Kathy Shell’s own art studio.