Ontario Crosswords

Ontario Crosswords
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  • What Ontario city hosted a Wild West show 11 years before Buffalo Bill Cody got his start?
    * Where in Ontario does the world’’s longest street end?
    * What Ontarian was the last man to win an Olympic gold medal in golf?
    * What native of Cobourg won a Best Actress Oscar?

    These and many more fascinating factoids about Canada’’s most populous province are tucked among the clues and solutions in Ontario Crosswords. This sequel to the bestselling British Columbia Crosswords and Canadian Prairies Crosswords covers every aspect of life in Ontario from the earliest fur traders to the newest premier, from the Five Nations Iroquois to the Hockey Hall of Fame, from hard-rock miners to hardened criminals. Sharpen your pencils and wits, then tackle 25 puzzles guaranteed to inform, amuse and surprise.