Love Has No Color Part One

Love Has No Color Part One
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Nanzee Johnson, a simple girl with a New York dream. Her desire to acquire an education at New York University in the Big Apple was shared by her travelling companion and childhood friend, Gwen Duncan. While struggling to get a solid footing in their new home, Nanzee stumbles onto a chance meeting with a dashing stranger, Basil Barden. The meeting brought about a rift between Nanzee and Gwen. Accused of overstepping certain boundaries, Nanzee had a decision to make while Gwen threatened to expose her to her father. Nanzee soon finds herself alone and reliant on the man who took her breath away. He is already on a mission and willing to do anything to keep her dependent and breathless. Her pride, concerns about White Man’s Burden syndrome and her father’s bigotry, are no match for the overwhelming affection she had developed for Basil. Indeed, these hurdles were unworthy of comparison to what he offered her. Nanzee wonders how she might prove herself worthy of Basil’s love. When he propositions her, saying that in her agreement she would be saving his life, Nanzee knew she had found a way to redeem herself to him even if in her eyes alone.