Learn Every Day About Colors

Learn Every Day About Colors
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Learning about COLORS has never been so much fun! The result of a nationwide contest, teachers from around the globe have contributed their favorite classroom activities, all focused on topics that teachers use every day! Organized by curriculum area, the activities in each chapter begin with those that are appropriate for the youngest preschooler and end with activities that six-year-olds will enjoy. Learn Every Day About Colors has 100 activities for children ages 3-6, providing teachers with innovative and fun ways to introduce and reinforce learning about colors. With activities such as My Favorite Color Collage; Rain Painting; The Blue, Blue Sky; and I Can Sing a Rainbow, children will delight in learning all about colors! Each activity features: Learning objectives Related vocabulary Related children’s books Materials needed Directions for preparation Instructions for each activity An assessment component Many activities also feature teacher-to-teacher tips that provide additional ideas for expanding the activity in new ways, or suggestions about finding materials. You will also find related fingerplays, poems, or songs to expand children’s learning. This book, along with the other books in the Learn Every Day series, gives teachers 100 activities that make learning fun and engaging for young children!