Kuniyoshi Coloring Book

Kuniyoshi Coloring Book
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Ranging from warriors to adorable cats, Kuniyoshi Utagawa’’s exceptionally unique ukiyo-e pictures are now a coloring book.
Kuniyoshi Utagawa was one of the last great Edo period masters of Japanese woodblock ukiyo-e prints and paintings. Depictions included in this book are landscapes, beautiful geisha, and Kabuki actors, just like conventional ukiyo-e themes. Utagawa chose powerful superheroes, his favorite cats, riddles or quizzes, and yokai (spirits and demons in Japanese folklore) as subjects for his work. The unconventional depictions featured in Kuniyoshi’’s work have stood out for their unique individuality.
A list and explanation of Kuniyoshi’’s work are on the intro-color pages in Japanese and English with 82 sticker seals of his ukiyo-e drawings attached. This coloring book is perfect for anyone interested in Japanese art, young or old!