Inspire: A Coloring Journal

Inspire: A Coloring Journal
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We all need a little inspiration and imagination in our lives.

Inspire: A Coloring Journal is the newest book in a new six-part series of adult coloring journals from Emily M Morgan and Stories Publishing. The other coloring journals in the series include Create, Focus, Motivate, Persist and Reflect.

Combining the best features of adult coloring books and writing journals, the coloring pages of this coloring journal allow you to nurture your creativity and centre your mind by completing inspiring patterns in beautiful colors. When you feel ready to engage your thoughts and let your imagination soar, the writing prompts are there to inspire you and challenge your creativity in a different way.

With 15 writing prompts and 16 line drawings and patterns, this coloring journal will bring you some much needed down time to indulge your fancy and let a little whimsy into your life.

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