Guided Meditation Coloring Book: Color Your Way Through Four Meditations on Gratitude, Strength, Growth and Joy

Guided Meditation Coloring Book: Color Your Way Through Four Meditations on Gratitude, Strength, Growth and Joy
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Coloring has therapeutic benefits that bring calm and help you abandon your structured and overloaded environment. There are 4 Guided Meditations in this coloring book: Gratitude. Strength. Growth. Joy.

  • Start with accessing the power of GRATITUDE.
  • Next, feel into the source of your inner STRENGTH.
  • Go deeper into your experience of personal GROWTH.
  • Follow it up with a deeper experience of JOY.

Each meditation story gives you opportunities to let go, connect with your inner landscape and experience the benefits of any type of meditation practice such as calming, centering, clarity or an open heart. By giving your attention to the act of coloring, you are able to relax your mind and body, letting go of tension, mental clutter and overwhelm. Each page is a stress-reducing invitation to express your creative side.


Powerful. Healing. Relaxing

There are many forms and styles of meditation, all offering stress relief and relaxation for body/mind/spirit. Guided meditation is popular and satisfying because it is quite simply the easiest way to meditate.

Guided meditation is similar to taking a guided tour through your own body. This includes reminders to breathe deeply and consciously, being instructed to relax and let go of tension in the body, and being guide to focus on a specific theme or concept.

As you stay focused on your body and breathing, the action of coloring begins clearing and opening the mind. It's a beautiful combination.

While the mind and body relax, you are able to concentrate on ideas of images around an inspiring or healing theme. This activates the power of visualization when you mind and body are most receptive. Meditation on inspiring thoughts or images is an experience that is transcendent and focus-activating. This process allows better performance in all your life.

Coloring Tips

The most important tip is to relax and enjoy the process. Release any form of expectation or perfectionism regarding how your coloring pages look. Any color is beautiful. Any combination of colors or tools is just right. Every expression of your pencil or marker is welcome. Making mistakes are welcome. Everything is an opportunity to discover something new or try another direction.

Guided Meditation Tips

  • Take longer than normal deep breaths to open up to your inner wisdom.
  • Clear your mind by practicing slow and gentle breathing.
  • With every breath: Expand your chest/relax your body/open your mind.
  • Center yourself by following the meditation suggestions as you color.
  • Allow yourself to become aware of positive energy surrounding you.
  • Enter a relaxed state by coloring at the pace that feels most comfortable.

About the Author/Illustrator

Jenifer Novak Landers, professional artist and life coach, has created the first-ever Guided Meditation Coloring Book, inspired by meditations she uses in her workshops, on retreats and with her clients. Jenifer has a degree in Fine Art and is certified through JFK University as an Integrative Coach. She is also a Chopra Center Coach. She established her business, Fully Expressed Potential in 2005 to help people get unstuck, find their natural creativity and embrace new perspectives for growth and transformation. As a group facilitator, speaker and workshop leader, she uses meditation as a tool for accessing inner wisdom and practicing mindfulness. She lives in Northern California with her daughter Stella. Jenifer's first book, Fully Expressed Living: 50 Perspectives from Stuck to Fulfilled, is available on Amazon.