For Wonderful People Only! Yes, this includes you...: Self-Empowering through color

For Wonderful People Only! Yes, this includes you...: Self-Empowering through color
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Empower through with good vibes as to inspire to aspire your day with this wonderful coloring book for adults. First time drawing and or coloring? You will enjoy coloring and drawing in this booklet. This booklet is meant for you to free your mind of negative thoughts, anxiety, and stress... and embrace your awesome wonderful self!

You will love this book because of ~

* 31 Original Positive Effective Coloring Pages for Relaxation & Pleasure. Each page you color will relax your state of mind allowing your responsibilities and concerns to fade away

* 30 Beautifully Framed Doodle Pages for Creativity & Vision. These pages allow you to express your aspirations and bring forth your creative artist within for your unique masterpieces. So, choose your colors for this book!

* 31 Self-Empowering Positive Affecting Statements. Every illustration has a positive self-empowering statement on a separate page with a doodle page on the backside

* Great for All Skill & Talent Levels. No special skills and talents required. No wrong way to color. Color every page as you desire.

* Suitable for Adults & Teenagers. Free your creativity within~ Regardless of your drawing history if you have any!

* Guaranteed Pleasure, Relaxation & Stress Relief. You will hours of self-amusement and entertainment.

* Excellent Ideal Gift. This is a wonderful present for friends, family, and anyone in between. Know of someone who enjoys coloring? Encourage a smile from them by getting them a copy too! Even better... You both could color together!!!! So, join us on this special life journey for the betterment of joy! Inspire your awesomeness and bring forth your wonderful true self for all to enjoy.

NOTE: Recommended for coloring pencils and crayons