Dirty Rich

Dirty Rich
Categories: Art Supplies, Pencil
Brand: Amelia Wilde
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Rule Number One: Never fall in love. Love is messy. Love is a distraction. I don’t need either one to take my mind off my business empire. I rule with an iron fist, and that control has made me billions.I’m just as ruthless when it comes to dating. Every woman comes with an expiration date. Until I meet Catherine, my new assistant. Rule Number Two: Never f*ck your employee, no matter how hot she is.I shouldn’t look at her. I definitely shouldn’t touch her. But one look at her curves in a pencil skirt has me aching to bend her over my desk. One touch has her begging me for more. We have one rule: sex only, no strings attached. Falling for her would be a disaster. But rules are made to be broken…