Digital Dreams: Exploring the Computer As An Art Medium

Digital Dreams: Exploring the Computer As An Art Medium
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Harry Borgman’s professional career has spanned many fields including graphic design, cartooning and illustration. He was art director on the Chevrolet account at Campbell - Ewald advertising agency and the Chariman of the Advertising Department at the Society of Arts and Crafts ( now the College for Creative Studies ). He has written several art technique books for Watson Guptill Publications, Dover Publications recently reprinting his book “Pen and Pencil Drawing Techniques.” For many years he worked as a freelance artist in Detroit, New York and Paris, France. As a painter he works in the watercolor and acrylic mediums and is also very active as a sculptor, doing wood carvings as well as wood and metal constructions. Recently he has been experimenting with the computer medium, currently creating photomontages and collages on the computer for a proposed exhibition.