Deeds of a Colored Soldier During the Rebellion

Deeds of a Colored Soldier During the Rebellion
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Deeds of a Colored Soldier during the Rebellion, Volume 1: From the Beginning to Chickamauga is a novel of the Civil War, tracing the story of Jedediah Worth, a teenaged slave who becomes a Union soldier, fighting for the freedom of his people. Although he realizes that the conflict started over slavery, Jedediah regards the South as home. When his master’s sons join the Confederate army, he accompanies them as a servant. To prove himself, Jedediah runs ammunition and even rescues a wounded Confederate, until he realizes his valor should serve emancipation. He escapes, meeting up with Samson, an enslaved African, who becomes his life-long friend. They join a colored regiment, and participate in the first battle fought by colored troops, at Island Mound. Jedediah becomes a non-commissioned officer, leading his men in brutal combat at Milliken’s Bend, where he becomes the first colored soldier to be awarded the Medal of Honor.