Decorative Dogs: Coloring For Everyone

Decorative Dogs: Coloring For Everyone
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Bring these four-legged designs to life using just your imagination and colored pencils! Dogs have been our faithful companions and partners in mischief since we were kids . . . and they still are! With this adult coloring book, you can share your love of canines with the world. The pages are perforated so you can easily remove them to color, then display them when you’re done! In this book, you’’ll find

An introduction to the wonderful world of dogs
Forty-six original black-and-white designs for your coloring enjoyment on single-sided, perforated pages
Forty-six full-color versions of the designs to inspire and guide you while coloring
The pages of Decorative Dogs: Coloring for Everyone are guaranteed to provide hours of adorable entertainment. Let your creativity run free as you explore the quirky features of all the unique dog species in this adult coloring book. Gather your colored pencils, markers, or whatever medium you prefer, and imagine the possibilities for these canine designs.