Creating Mandalas

Creating Mandalas
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MASTER THE ART OF MAKING MANDALAS! The art of making mandalas and zendalas is less about drawing and more about slowing down and opening up to your inner creative flow. You do not have to be an artist. There is no need to know how to draw. All you need are some simple everyday tools and a little effort. Can you create a circle using a compass and pencil? Can you draw a line? Can you repeat patterns? Then YOU can create your own mandalas and zendalas! Get inspired with more than 40 project ideas, step-by-step demonstrations, templates and gallery pieces. Whether you prefer to plan or would rather go with the flow, practice pages throughout the book make it easy to get started. Find tips for adding Zentangle patterns, coloring, drawing on colored paper, with stencils, and creating gold-leafed, Spirograph-inspired and snowflake mandalas. Discover your style, whether it be structured, freeform, bold and dramatic, or whimsical, and learn to design, draw and color your own original works of mandala and zendala art. Simply breathe, reach for your pencil and begin.