Counting and Adding with Numbers, Colors and Fruits

Counting and Adding with Numbers, Colors and Fruits
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We can address math in many ways. However, how can we capture the attention of our children in wanting to learn it? Well, we as educators can make learning fun. Learning does not have to be boring and demanding. If we present it to our children in a fun and playful format, they will want to learn or engage in doing it. As an educator, I have encountered ways of getting my students interested in learning a task. I would play matching games, sing songs, and even act silly in order to get their attention. What I have learned during my teaching journey is that children mimic what they see. You are a model, and therefore, they will do what you do, especially when they want to be recognized. I have implemented a math strategy that will help children not only count one to one hundred but to identify colors and fruits, to spell, and to add single-digit numbers. Most importantly, the sense of critical thinking will be cultivated. In order for them to work out the problems, they have to think about what is needed to start the process. Additionally, using captivating colors and fruits will want them to engage more. The result of this interesting task is that the children will gain great knowledge in cognition, mathematics, and language and literacy development and physical development.