Comparative Color Vision

Comparative Color Vision
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Comparative Color Vision provides information about the means by which color vision has been studied in nonhuman animals and about the outcomes of these studies for a variety of representative species. Individuals who become interested in color vision in animals come from a variety of different educational backgrounds-from the traditional biological and behavioral sciences as well as from more applied fields. Accordingly, this book includes sufficient tutorial information about color vision so that a relative newcomer would be able to make sense out of this area without having to search out still more background material. To provide this, basic information about the psychophysics of color vision and about the methods used to study color vision in animals is presented; along with coverage of the broad range of biological mechanisms responsible for color vision. Subsequent chapters present systematic reviews of studies of color vision in a wide selection of vertebrate species. The final chapter is devoted to a discussion of two fascinating issues raised by studies of animal color vision: the evolutionary origins and the functional utility of color vision.