Colors On My Canvas

Colors On My Canvas
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The Colors on my Canvas is an honest look at the countless interactions, experiences, and relationships that shape our identity as individuals. This collection of work has been the easiest and the most difficult writing I have ever embarked on. Over the years I have developed an immense love for the written word to the point where writing has become a part of who I am. Writing is easy when the mood strikes and when the insights are vivid. When and where those two conditions coincide is always a surprise. The difficult nature in this work was finding the time and energy to clear my mind and let my heart write through my pen. Writing has healed me on many occasions so it is my hope that the words and imagery in this book can begin the healing process for those who need it most. Lastly, this collection of souletry is a sincere thank you to everyone who has brought clarity and meaning to my life. To everyone who has helped me develop my perspectives and values, accept and validate feelings, inspired me to be an agent of change and live life with a purpose, and develop infinite love in my heart, I will forever be grateful. The Colors on My Canvas come from all of you.