Colors of the Rogue State: Merican Dreamin

Colors of the Rogue State: Merican Dreamin
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The controversial sci-fi fantasy satire that looks into the expose of color returns with another novella to set up new disputes and alliances. While the first two books split up the realms of Merica between the political (Rednecks and Blueballs) and economical (Law of the Corporate Raider), “Merican Dreamin” brings both worlds together, with each influencing and disturbing the other simultaneously. While control of the political realms remains in the hands on one family, the Berlins, Merica’s financial sector begins to shake-up, as the families that control the all-powerful Merican Society would be challenged by a new breed of entrepreneurs and corporate raiders looking to become the new Master of Economics. Players change, but the game remains the same in Merica. Color is still king.