Colors in Hebrew: A Rainbow Tale

Colors in Hebrew: A Rainbow Tale
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MazorBooks is proud to present the newest addition to its “A Taste of Hebrew” series for English speaking kids. Colors in Hebrew: A Rainbow TaleKids of all ages are invited to journey with the sightseeing rainbow that travels to a Israel and learns the names of fourteen colors in Hebrew. The names of the colors are written in Hebrew and in English transliteration and translation. (A transliteration chart that is included book to assist in the proper pronunciation.)The rainbow’s tale is told in rhyme by Ami and Tami, the five year old twins that will continue to star in future installments of MazorBooks’ “A Taste of Hebrew” series. The paperback edition will be released in the next week or so. The print version adds to the enjoyment of the book, as the images on right and left pages complete each other. About MazorBooks: MazorBooks is a new publishing company that specializes in children’s books. MazorBooks believes in the need to promote literacy and good values such as respect, responsibility, accountability, honor, honesty, cleanliness, friendship, self-esteem, good nutrition, and healthy living to name several. Among the causes promoted by MazorBooks, anti-bullying ranks high. Ari Mazor penned the first of MazorBooks’ efforts to bring awareness and encourage discussion about this very troubling social calamity. A Bully in Monkeyville deals with the reluctance of children to stand up to bullies and to inform others, friends and adults, when falling victim or witnessing others victimized by bullies. The MazorBooks’ growing collection of publications is dedicated to its mission to infuse discussion of good values into parent-child interactions. Indeed, the MazorBooks publications are sure to enhance the libraries of children whose parents and guardians wish to imbue in their charges good values, positive qualities, and a desire to pursue lives with meaning, accomplishment and fulfillment. MazorBooks also specializes in Hebrew for English Speaking Kids and children’s books