Coloring Pages Railway to Knowledge

Coloring Pages Railway to Knowledge
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Many of the following drawings fit the theme of my eBook Railway to Knowledge. See if you can recognize protagonists of the story. These sketches do not always have very clear lines to trace but while you are concentrating on coloring them, they can give you hours of peaceful and relaxing time. Put some color, or lots of it, into these white-and-black pictures. They are educational and entertaining, the subjects are: child, dragon, habitation, Acadia, clothes, fruit, flowers, animals, mother with her young. These drawings will be appropriate for young people 7 years of age and up. Adult supervision is required if cutting the paper is necessary. The drawings also include pictures from my website www. How many different animals did you see while travelling through the country of Poland in the 18th century?Do you like learning about something that happened long time ago?Do you think the story in my eBook Railway to Knowledge should have more pictures?You can answer all those questions through my website, and you are welcome to tell me more about, for instance, what you like doing in your spare time. By the way, do you already know what exactly was written on King’s parchment of 1773?Soon, the scroll will be available (paper version sent by snail mail