Coloring Oustide the Lines

Coloring Oustide the Lines
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A collection of poetry. Pass or FailI’m coloring outside all of the linesRefusing to stay within society’s confinesThey always believe that they know bestI believe they are much too suppressedThey want us all to fit into a tightly sealed packetBut I’m kicking up the dust and making racketI’m zigging when zagging was expected and requiredI’m disapproving when it’s supposed to be admiredI’m diving into confusion because it needs sorting outWhen everyone else is whispering, I’m releasing a shoutWho set up these stupid rules that we so blindly followThey make no sense and are such a bitter pill to swallowSo why don’t you grab your crayons and join me in my questTo color outside of every line in this world’s pass or fail test