Coloring For The Soul

Coloring For The Soul
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Coloring For The Soul - 30 Days of Affirmations and Coloring Fun was created to help uplift my soul and spirit after losing my close companion of 14 years, a Papillon named Poppy, who was adopted at the SFSPCA. In the past, whenever going through a hard time, I turned to pasting positive and uplifting messages around my home to help get over gloomy thinking. After losing Poppy, while sitting in a coffee/donut shop, I came across a free local newspaper that had an article about the benefits of coloring for adults. That’s when I came up with the idea of combining affirmations and coloring pages into a book. My daughter Veronika came up with the name “Coloring For The Soul” and I added the sub-title “30 Days of Affirmations and Coloring Fun.” Since I find great pleasure in taking photos of nature, I decided to have nature’s gift of beautiful flowers pose as models for most of the coloring pages. That’s my personal story about how the creation and development of Coloring For The Soul - 30 Days of Affirmations and Coloring Fun became a reality. A special feature available through the book is to be able to showcase your “Coloring For The Soul - 30 Days of Affirmations and Coloring Fun” coloring page online at “The Coloring Artisan Museum.” Just attach a copy of your coloring page to an e-mail and send it to the contact information provided in the book and we’ll take care of the rest. Before you know it, all your family and friends will be able to view your wonderful coloring page at “The Coloring Artisan Museum” webpage. Thank you for your interest in the book, and always remember, believe it when you read it “I Am Beautifully Unique” because you are!